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Please note that our freely available online utilities have moved to

expert system for filtration equipment selection fully interactive - based on user inputs,

sedimentation velocity calculation for all particle sizes,

resistance to filtration from a particle size distribution,

simulations including: constant pressure filtration and constant rate filtration of compressible filter cakes. Also a fully interactive continuous sedimentation design procedure using the Coe and Clevenger technique. In addition, batch settling velocities and fluxes are provided.

I am happy to provide brief details of meetings relating to filtration and separation. Please let me know of your meetings and I will add them to my pages.

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A new concept in microfiltration - slotted pore microfiltration

         Slotted pore filtration

My research at Loughborough University has led to the application of slotted pore surface filters in a number of applications dealing with viscous liquids and high temperatures. It is also ideal as a non-clogging filter medium for cake filtration processes. It is one example of my research and I am always looking for highly motivated PhD candidates to pursue well-resourced filtration and separation research at Loughborough University, in the UK.
Richard Holdich
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  Solid Liquid Filtration & Separation Technology book, 2nd Edition - Wiley-VCH

The creator and editor of the Filtration and Separation site is
Professor Richard Holdich, at Loughborough University, UK. Comments and discussions about the site are welcome.
I have taught Filtration and Separation technologies for many years at both university and on courses for companies. I have also authored books on the subject, the most well-known being the VCH-Wiley book: Solid Liquid Filtration & Separation Technology (see left). I now provide online delivery of notes and this web site is designed to be an educational resource to supersede text books.
  Explanations I now include links to good quality YouTube videos that help to illustrate operating techniques in filtration and separation as well as technical explanations of the routines and equations used in my on-line utilities. The most important aspect is how these models can help improve productivity or designs, not the derivation of the equations. I am developing courses to be delivered online, do contact me if you require further information.
The website is growing and I will add new online routines when appropriate. I do not intend to introduce paying registration to use these facilities, they are here mainly for educational purposes.

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